Clean Pools R Us provides a complete pool cleaning and maintenance service. We come to your place to look after everything related to your pool – whether it be cleaning, checking that your water levels are correctly balanced, ensuring your equipment is running properly, We are basically a pool shop on wheels.

Making sure your pool sparkles can be daunting, but that’s where we are only too happy to help.

Clean Pools R Us is a family owned business and rapidly growing in Sydney,

Our customers are typically delighted with our monthly pool maintenance service package. Our team of dedicated and diligent pool professional’s service, maintain and repair all types of residential and commercial pools.

We live in a harsh environment in Sydney. Any pool equipment, no matter how well maintained, can fail when operating 6 to 10 hours a day in the heat and humidity that we deal with in Sydney.

But the better you maintain your pool equipment, the longer it will last. And the longer it lasts, the better value for money you’ll get from your investment. Our team provides free estimates for periodic pool equipment maintenance and for repairs/replacement when a problem does arise.

We’ve helped revive beautiful backyard pools from the green swamps they’ve gradually become and brought summer back into their homes.