This sweet little old lady called us and said, “I have a swamp in my back yard could you please help get the pool back to where it was from over 8 years ago,
Once I arrived I was in a little state of shock on how green the pool was, it didn’t take long before I had to make a decision whether to empty the pool or try and use chemicals to bring it back.

I used chemicals this way the little (87 yo) old lady would save money and have her pool up and running in no time.
The process is really a simple one;

  1. Fill the pool to the brim
  2. First add 4 kilos of PH Buffer
  3. Add Lo-Chlor Maxi Floc Plus
  4. Then vacuum to wast.

So if this all seems just a little too hard call us at Clean pools R us and we can do it for you.
From Green to clean 2