When I first started looking into the concept of the mineral pool, I thought why change something that’s not broken, salt water chlorination have been around for decades and still going strong,
At first I looked at maybe it’s another way for these big companies to just make more money from us little people, or was it that we all get so bored with everything we have to invent something new to talk about, well that we are, talking about it!

As a Pool cleaning business I have a large number of mineral pools including some Aqua Therapy pools, but that’s a story for another day.

I would like to explain the mineral pools versus Salt water pools in simple terms;
Well everyone surprise- surprise they both have the same chemicals (Water, salt, chlorine), The difference is that the mineral pool has a silky feel to the water and many people wouldn’t even notice,
The salt level to a salt water pool is between 4000 ppm & 7000, (parts per million)
However a mineral pool salt level is between 2500 ppm and 3500 ppm.
It is said that the mineral pool system is great for people with skin allergies, but I’m not an allergy specialist.
Some may say that the mineral salt is more expensive but its only marginal as you need less & I understand how someone may spend more to have a silky feel to their own swimming pool, either way visually the water clarity is the same with both types.
There is also a mineral salt additive that you may put into your salt pool that will give that feel of silky water feel.

My conclusion is;
If you have a salt water pool, stick to it because it works.
If you happen to have a new mineral pool, you should stay with that too.
However, If you are building a new pool and your builder is trying to upgrade you to a mineral pool system for an additional cost, try and think, do I want the to spend the extra money for something that you wouldn’t notice.
If you need some help with understanding your pool chlorination, pumps including the chemistry just call us at Clean Pools R Us (Tony 0411 204 444)